I want to thank Platinum Credit Solutions from the bottom of my heart for the help you've given me, and all the important information that I will never forget. I was afraid I would be in debt with all the medical bills and loans for the restof my life, but after working with platinum credit solutions my credit score is in the upper 700's I'll be indebted to you  forever..

Thanks again CARL T

We can help you get out of Chex Systems.

We can help you manage your credit and simplify your economic life, by using the right tools to improve your credit score.

​Platinum Credit Solutions


We can help to build your business credit. We’ll refer you to reputable/reliable banks that we do business with for an approval of a business loan, business line of credit or a business credit card.

We can help you open a checking and savings account. We will guide you through the steps in gaining the banks trust and having the opportunity to open accounts again.





I was referred to Platinum Credit Solutions by a friend who raved about the results he received. I being the skeptical non believer that I am decided to make the call anyway. I can honestly say it was a call that literally changed my circumstances. I not only saw results quickly, I felt that they worked diligently and aggressively to repair my credit as if it were their own. As a result of their relentless hard work, I was approved for a home loan that I was previously denied. I highly recommend Platinum Credit Solutions to anyone looking to get their credit back on track." Machele The Bomb. Com" is what I call her, because she did a BOMB job for me.       -NB

Our Greatest Weakness Lies In Giving Up

My name is Eric C. I am a satisfied customer of Platinum Credit Solutions. When I found Platinum Credit Solutions, I found a company who cares. They gave me a line by line analysis of my credit file. My score was then in the low 400's and by the time they completed work on my credit file, my score is now in the mid to high 700's. To me that is a miracle! I thought there was no hope, but today I am platinum status in just two months!

 Thank you Platinum Credit Solutions!

- Eric C.


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